Disciplines: Editorial Design

Miaw Magazine is a tiny fun publication about cats and their worshipers. Our magazine, published quarterly, reveals secrets of cat’s life and the most fabulous facts about the cat world. Each issue not only comprises stories on cats and cat people but also features a selection of creative works and articles, matched with charming photos. Miaw also discovers ways to establish the cat- admired community where all stories, tips, and special tricks about how to enjoy your life with kitten can be shared and appreciated.

In order to express the unique and extraordinary personality, high contrast color palettes are used to portrait the roughness and mischievousness. The magazine’s masthead is hand-lettered, using warm colors with high contrast. To make the cover more impressive and distinctive, we use the feminine Polka Dots texture, duotone image, and illustration. The cover design has been prominently and uniquely made to ensure the specialty that is undoubtedly recognized among others in the same field, also especially distinguishes itself from other competitive ones.

The combination between illustrative, playful and the chaotic style introduces a typical “naughty” and “rebellious” style of Miaw. Breaking the grid changes the layout of every page of the magazine to create the interesting unity of the whole magazine. Hand lettering, hand drawing illustration and dotted lines not only show the meticulous craftsmanship but also form a personally suitable one for cat-type people – those who are creative, distinctive and rule-breakers.