Disciplines: Branding

SunUp Vietnamese Breakfast is the new eatery in Toronto that delivers the fresh and delicious breakfast. Our Vietnamese authentic menu can supply enough energy to shine up your morning and help you stay active all day. Throughout the operating process, SunUp has proved itself a full-Vietnamese taste fast food brand, also introduced the unique and “plainness” of food.

To introduce the meticulosity, the Asian-based as well as the simpleness and attentiveness of the brand, our logotype has been hand-lettered with strong and thick strokes in order to draw the best impression and unforgettable experience for customers. The roughness and simplicity are also expressed in the patterns, photo editing, colour choice and the environmentally friendly paper material. The Red colour represents the activeness of a new day. Moreover, the warmth and strength of the brand identity are also something really ‘Vietnamese’ that the colour delivers.

The duotone images with the earthy colour create a new and distinctive style different from other fast food brands. They deliver a unique, mouthwatering and interesting experience when enjoying the food for our valued customers every morning.