Hello. My name is Alex Dang.

I am a graphic designer who likes to experiment in many fields of art and to master new techniques of design. Through art and design, I translate my somewhat unconventional perspective of the world into attractive visuals that speak volume of my artistic personality. My realm expands to both traditional and digital approaches that have their own perks in terms of expression.

What I do

I have a lot of passions to work on contemporary brand identities, digital platforms and packaging ideas for a wide extent of premium brands. My works convey the minimal, reductive and noticeable style of design that communicates the compelling and powerful identity of the brands. The cross-cultural factors in my designs also become a significant value for the clients who want to spread out their images across the world. I’m now based in Toronto, but more than welcome to collaborate with different clients to actualize their business ideas by the credible and creative designs.

My approach

With my full enthusiasm and passion, I start every project with the detailed research to study client’s needs, aspirations, objectives and main goals of the project. Communicating with clients is always my beginning following by the full understanding and strategic planning for the creative ideas. My approach is the composite of explorative and distinctive ideas and the diligent craftsmanship to every detail that brings to the client the most applicable and effectual results.